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Central Asia – Tajikistan

Population: 94% of the 9.5 million people of Tajikistan claim to be Muslim.

Tajikistan is Central Asia’s poorest nation, dependant on gas and oil imports.

The birth of a Tajik Church, although a slow and painstaking process, is now a reality. It is small, only a thousand, but growing. Evangelicals form 0.1% of the population.

Heavy pressure is put on all ‘deviating’ religious groups and often persecution from the state includes searches, detention, interrogation, confiscation, fines and imprisonment - all designed to pressurize Christians and keep them in line.

Very few traditional Tajiks have been reached with the Gospel and Christian witness is generally limited to larger towns.

Please pray:

Lord, in your mercy, strengthen this fledgling church, giving them grace to bear all the persecution and grow strong because of it. Demonstrate your glory through your church and help us to stand faithfully with them.

In Jesus' name, Amen

For further country information visit : The Joshua Project
*statistics courtesy of Operation World and Open Doors

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