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The Diaspora

What does it mean?
The Diaspora is the dispersion or spread of any people from their original homeland.

What does 'The Diaspora' mean to us?
Iranians, Afghans and Tajiks come abroad, generally in search of a better life.

Some come to study but many are fleeing religious and political regimes in the hope of gaining asylum. As a result, life can be very difficult and often depression and suicidal tendencies pervade their thoughts. Instinctively, many long to go home but the stark reality is that they never can.

It is estimated that there are approximately 15 million Iranian, Afghan and Tajik diaspora worldwide and as many as 400,000 have settled in the UK.

The unity of the diaspora church can be a challenge. Despite this, they are highly effective at reaching out with evangelism tools and with church planting, discipleship and leadership training so that their own people can be helped and in turn help others.
Please Pray:

Dear Lord, you’ve brought the diaspora to our doorstep and this comes with endless possibilities for the local church to engage with them. Enable indigenous believers to surround them with your love so that the Gospel may be lived out in word and deed. We pray for a mass turning to you for salvation.

For Christ’s sake, Amen

What We Do To Help
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